What can you do and learn
during Rohevik’s family day?

Date and time: Saturday, 17 September 2011 from 12:00
Place: Vabaduse väljak / Liberty Square in Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Biggest electric cars presentation in Estonia – electric cars arrive to the Liberty Square at 12:00. They will the drive onto the podium one by one for a presentation, and then line up on the square for public viewing.
  2. Charging electric cars – how are electric cars charged? Is it dangerous? Difficult? How much time does it take and how much does it cost? Chargers installed by Ensto and ABB will be used for the demonstration.
  3. Info, organisers
  4. ELMO – electric cars in Estonia – the number of electric cars in Estonia will have increased 100 times in less than two years! KredEx/Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will introduce the electromobility campaign in Estonia and give advice on support programme to people who want to buy an electric car.
  5. Renewable energy – Taastuvenergia OÜ demonstrates small and big solar panels; teachers how to build a wind generator and how to get thermal energy from wastewater.
    Environmental education – the environment tent offers exciting and educational games for the senses of hearing and touch. Try to guess natural items by touching them, recognise the trees that grow in Estonia, etc.
  6. Science theatre of electricity – the Discovery Centre Energy performs tricks with electricity, the Tesla transformer created electric lightning, LED-inspired dynamic sculptures, LED graphic exhibits, kefir batteries, experiments with microwaves and other kitchen physics, a generator that has been turned into a robot.
    Cleaner environment – what are the biggest environmental risks and climate problems? What can we do? The Estonian Office of the European Commission talks about the goals and developments of the European Union’s climate and environment policy.
  7. Kids’ area – Juku Game Centre will offer all kinds of electric and mobile entertainment for children, youngsters and adults who feel passionate for games. People can test their skills of steering radio controlled electric cars, beginners can try driving cars with batteries. There are also wheely trainers plus push and pedal cars for the smallest kids.
  8. Electric vehicles
  9. Academy of eco-driving – it is also possible to drive a car that uses fossil fuels more economically. Heli Ainjärv, who teaches in Niguliste Driving School and Tallinn University, shows how to drive more sustainably. Everyone can try the new driving style in city traffic under the guidance of the teacher.
    Test-driving with an electric car – ELMO offers free test-driving with an electric car to everyone.
  10. Healthy food – good food heals the mind and is good for health. Everyone is welcome to try the delicious and fresh seasonal food – inspired by New Nordic Food programme – cooked by top Estonian chef Angeelika Udeküll.