Eero Hanikat,
Leidi Consult AS / Centre of Alternative Energy NGO (Estonia)

Eero Hanikat is an expert on alternative energy solutions and has worked in the field of alternative and renewable energies – solar, wind, hydro and geothermal – since 2000. He holds several international patents in the area of energy production and savings.

Henrik Isaksen,
ChoosEV Ltd., Chairman of the Board (Denmark)

Henrik Isaksen will present ChoosEV’s business model including partner programs, infrastructure setup and primary test results from ChoosEV’s EV test project.

Teijo Kärnä,
ABB, Business Development Manager (Finland)

Wind Energy has arrived and it is in our backyard. Challenges and ABB technical solutions for secure power production.

Ülo Kask,
Tallinn University of Technology, Researcher (Estonia)

“Waste to motor-fuel – one of the best ways of converting a cheap substance into a product of great value with a high price,” is Ülo Kask convinced. He will talk briefly about the INTERREG IVA project ‘From Waste to Traffic Fuels’ and will turn attention to biogas-to-motor fuel technology and equipment.

Martin Kruus,
Estonian Wind Power Association and Nelja Energia Ltd., Chairman of the Board (Estonia)

“Wider deployment of wind energy will decrease electricity prices,” says Martin Kruus. He has been working in the renewable energy sector since 2000. He has worked for the state-owned energy utility Eesti Energia. Together with private investors from the Nordic countries and Estonia, he founded Nelja Energia OÜ – currently the biggest wind energy producer in the Baltic States.

Tõnu Lehtla,
Tallinn University of Technology, Power Engineering Faculty, Dean (Estonia)

Aarne Luukko,
WinWind, Chief Financial Officer (Finland)

Otto Lægaard,
Thisted Municipality, Business Development, Rural Areas and Sustainable Development, Project Leader (Denmark)

Thisted municipality is a textbook example of local drive and initiative. Renewable energy comes from the sun, wind, geothermal power and biomass. Success is the result of versatility and the intelligent use of technology. In 2007, Thisted was awarded the European Solar Prize for its work on utilizing renewable energy. Otto Lægaard will talk about the story behind this and the ‘Energetic Citizens of Thisted’ project.

Tiit Toots,
Rõuge Rural Municipality, Rural Municipality Mayor (Estonia)

Rõuge Energy Park was established in 2001. Its mission is to promote the use of renewable energy sources and contemporary energy production solutions, as well as to acknowledge the importance of energy saving. The uniqueness of the energy park lies in its showcasing of both historical and contemporary solutions together.

Robert Olander,
Marketing Director, Merinova Technology Centre (Finland)

Robert Olander will present the goals of Energy Vaasa within renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, with a few concrete company cases.

Harro Pitkänen,
Nordic Investment Bank , Senior Director, Head of Business Development & Control, Acting Head of Lending (Finland)

Harro Pitkänen will talk about how to mobilize financing for green growth. Are there special hurdles or preconditions that need to be addressed in order for green growth projects to raise the necessary funding? What measures should a project sponsor take to maximize the chances of finding financing?

Peep Pobbul,
Tallinn Environment Department, Head of Environment Gear Division (Estonia)

Peep Pobbul will focus on the recently adopted Tallinn Environment Strategy, which aims to underpin sustainable development in Tallinn.

Per Ribbing,
Swedish Windpower Cooperative, Marketing Manager (Sweden)

“Why are people willing to pay an expensive price for Polluting Power – when they can pay half the price for Green Power?” is Per Ribbing wondering. Swedish Windpower Coop is a growing, non-profit organisation with 1800 members and 2 clear goals: supplying its members with dirt-cheap, mega-green power; helping to convert Sweden into Renewable Power only.

Raphael Sauter,
European Commission, Low Carbon Technologies Directorate-General for Climate Action, Policy Officer (Belgium)

Raphael Sauter will outline NER 300, a major EU funding programme for innovative renewable energy technology and carbon capturing and storage technology. The programme will be funded from the sale of 300 million emission allowances. It aims to encourage private sector investors and EU Member States to invest in demonstration projects.

Ash Sharma,
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, Vice-President (Finland)

Opportunities for green growth in the Baltic Sea region abound, particularly in the renewable energy and energy sector sectors. Ash Sharma’s presentation will focus on opportunities in the Cleantech sector in the region, with an emphasis on renewable energy and energy-efficient investment.

Eva Sunnerstedt,
Stockholm City Government, Clean Vehicles and Fuels Programme, Project Manager (Sweden)

Eva Sunnerstedt will talk about the Stockholm Clean Vehicle Strategy that has been developed over the years since its inception in 1994. Several different fuels and techniques will be showcased, starting with heavy vehicles operating in fleets (such as public transport buses and waste trucks) and moving on to city- and company-owned fleets of cars. The current work on electric vehicles will also be the presented.

Jarmo Tuisk,
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Head of Innovation and Technology (Estonia)

“This is a new era in personal transport,” announces Jarmo Tuisk. His presentation will provide an overview of the Estonian Electric Vehicles (EV) programme and plans for the future as well background trends influencing the EV world.

Johan Vetlesen,
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (Norway)

The presentation will touch upon the main challenges for the Nordic cooperation and in Norway concerning policies to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in an energy sector gradually being liberalized.