Aim of the conference

Date and time: 16 September 2011 at 09.00-16.30
Venue: conference hall of the Riigikogu (the Parliament of Estonia), Tallinn, Estonia
Language: Estonian and English, translation available
Participation: free of charge. Registration has ended! In order to enter the parliament building you need to have your ID with you (ID card or passport).

The world’s population will soon be seven billion. All these people want to get their share of the benefits and conveniences offered by modern civilisation. Energy consumption has increased considerably as a result of economic growth, energy efficiency, however, not so much. For example, an average car 50 years ago used as much fuel as an average car in 2011.

Scientists and governments are looking for help in steering the economy towards a greener path in order to overcome the conflict between benefits and the capacity of the ecosystem.

The conference ‘Smart Energy and Green Transport’ takes a closer look at the options of a green economy in the energy and transport sector. This means that we need to find new ways for generating energy, increase the amount of energy produced from renewable sources and arrange transport in a new manner that is energy efficient and clean.

The conference:

  • takes a look at the prospects of boosting the economy in an environment friendly manner in the Nordic countries and Estonia, and the areas that are becoming the most successful in the green economy;
  • investigates the options of implementing climate and environment friendly activity principles in business;
  • presents comprehensive renewable energy solutions at both the micro and macro levels;
  • introduces the development trends of sustainable (city) transport.

The organisers hope that the discussions attract more attention to the green economy, encourage new initiatives and improve cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Entrepreneurs will want to implement so-called green methods in their business activities, politicians will adapt better to the needs of the new economy and consumers will become more aware of the environment.

Experts from Estonia and the Nordic countries will discuss these topics.

Target group of the conference: politicians, policy designers, officials, local authorities, scientists, community representatives, entrepreneurs.

Organisers: Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia, Embassy of Finland in Tallinn, Tallinn Environment Department
Supporters: POWER inter-regional programme, European Regional Development Fund, Interreg IVC, European Commission Representation in Estonia, My City Hotel, ClearChannel, Postimees, Radio Kuku,

Green Growth Festival Rohevik focuses on the green economy during three days in September 2011 and takes a look into the future:

  • 15 September: conference ‘Modern Eco-cities’ (Tartu)
  • 16 September: conference ‘Smart Energy and Green Transport’ (Tallinn)
  • 17 September: family event ‘Our Future – Electric Vehicles’ (Tallinn)
  • Rohevik recommends: car free day in Tallinn on 18 September